Cruise ship

Panorama salon Leonora

Between the end of October and April, the Leonora can be rented as a river cruise ship. The ship is highly suitable for group travels, such as a mini cruise or Christmas shopping tour.

Together, we can plan a multiple day-cruise. You can decide on the number of sailing days and the sailing area, and on the places where the ship will moor. Do you want to stay within the Netherlands, and for instance go to Amsterdam or Maastricht? Or would you prefer to go to Germany, or even Austria? In consultation, we can sail to any destination where we can arrange your excursions.

Moreover, the catering on board will be fully customized to your wishes. You can choose from several menus and buffets. And would you like to entertain your guests in the evening? That is something that can be taken care of as well.

All in all, together with us, you can compose the holiday of your dreams.

For more information, please reach out to us.